Thursday, June 18, 2009

How it all started...

1...2...3... Ok here I go exploring new territories, trying something different, something my girlfriend has slowly squeezed into my mind as she is always looking to try something new as insignificant as it might be. I like to learn new things, I can't deny that but, for me to go into something new really needs to catch my whole attention. So why start blogging? I asked myself if I could have the time and dedication to try something like this. I came up with the fact that i spend a lot of time daily on Facebook and Twitter updating my whereabouts, what i am up to and communicating with old and new friends etc. as many of us do. So i said well let's give it a shot and see how it goes. This is basically a more elaborate and dedicated extention of what something like twitter is. Well I have made up my mind and on with my first blog. I dont promise it will be updated daily but surely I will do my best to keep it going and try to keep it as diverse as I can, not focusing on something specific but touching different topics like sports, music, technology, movies, books, and personal stuff that i feel like posting to you guys. Hopefully i can be of some help or at least some fun and maybe help you kill some minutes on the net. So let's see how this works out for me. I got nothing to lose right? After all this is just for it?

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